After now over 17 months without regular steady employment (consulting work and finishing my master’s), I am re-entering full-time employment this coming week.
Strangely enough, I thought that I would leave the software world and pursue a non-profit career, but it turned out that this is not where God would have me turn. So here I am, ready to tackle software again. I am quite excited, knowing that this company operates very differently from my last company. It is privately held, not publicly traded, and I sense in my conversations that there is a lot of the thinking and working as it was the case when I first joined my last company. This is truly good, as I treasure a work environment where people still care about both employees and customers. Not to say that my old company did not do that, but it certainly felt as if it was becoming a thing of the past.
Knowing that this is a re-start for me, I am anticipating a learning curve from a meeting new colleagues and customers perspective as well as from a software knowledge perspective, but I am exceedingly grateful that God would lead me to a company where I sense the clock is still ticking in normal pace – and where I can live out my faith well by being a loyal and hardworking employee.
Thanks be to God!


So many out there are trying to find jobs right now, myself included. In this day and age, social media sites are becoming important tools in this endeavor. Read this article if you don’t agree.

I have been using Twitter and LinkedIn for my job search. Thought I would give you some pointers on how to use these tools successfully.

To get started with Twitter:

Watching “Twitter in Two Minutes in Plain English”:

Reading the “Beginner’s Guide to Twitter”:


Michael Hyatt is an active Twitterer and is the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing. Great guy to follow. @MichaelHyatt

Another Twitterer who has helped me along the job path and who clearly deserves mentioning is @BertDecker – CEO of Decker Communications, Inc, among many other roles.

Key to your Twitter success is regularly sharing what is keeping your mind busy.
This could be on any given day, e.g. an interesting link on the Internet you stumbled across, a Bible verse, an encounter you had, etc. Remember that anyone who follows you can see what you post. So learn the very few (like 3?) rules of Twitter (see above guide).

Key to expanding your Twitter horizon:
Look who of interest to you other people are following by clicking on their name and looking at their followers – you can then click on these names and click on the “Follow” button. I follow over 700 people right now – some important, some not. Check out – then click on “Following” on the right. You will also see who is following me. These two numbers and the people behind them only partially overlap.

If you want to stay up-to-date on social media and technology topics, follow @jowyang ( and @mashable ( They post excellent links and articles.

I also follow for the Philly area:
@phillyitjobs (IT jobs)
@phillycomjobsSM (Sales and Marketing positions)
@dailylocal (more for local Chester County updates)
Similar Twitter updates exist for virtually every major city. You just have to look!

There is also @JobHuntOrg – representing

Then there are and for job postings and job searches.
For example, for jobs in Exton, P, check this URL:,+PA – you can, of course, search anywhere else, too.

Finally, there is the Twitter Job Search Engine.

So get twittering, but don’t forget about LinkedIn ( – you really need to be on there!) and Facebook. All these can be effective tools in finding new job leads.

P.S. Last but not least some self-advertising, if you have a job opportunity for a senior director of product management, please check out my LinkedIn profile.Yes, we are willing to relocate for the right job opportunity.

Women of Faith in Philadelphia – Join Me!

I have tickets for this year’s Women of Faith event at the Wachovia Center, September 18-19 – A Grand New Day. Send me an e-mail if you want to go:
Tickets are payable to me: $99 for both days, including pre-conference and box lunch both days.
See more about the event here!
You will be more blessed than you have been in a very long time!

While there seems to be (too) many blogs already, three of which are my own, I decided there is room for one more.

Recently, I have been facing an interesting conundrum: what happens when you are an outspoken believer in a business world? This is what I am hoping to address here in the weeks and months to come.

My first question to you: if you normally give thanks before eating, do you do this in the company’s cafeteria when seated at a table with colleagues for lunch?

I hope this blog will serve as a place to discuss some issues that make it difficult to be a believer in a corporate setting.